WinterAcademy is a student science conference held once a year and a network of students connecting them throughout the year. The overall aim of WinterAcademy is to inspire students to get involved in making science and innovation projects in the fields of sustainable development.

The three-day conference gives possibility to bachelor and master degree students from all universities in Estonia to introduce their research projects to wider audience. Every year science article competition is organised to select the best works to be presented at the conference. Besides that, WinterAcademy brings discussion about most important problems related to balance between humankind and nature, allows participants to learn new practical skills in workshops and creates supporting environment for people to meet, share ideas and develop new projects. As conference takes place in different part of Estonia every year, away from main city centres it also helps to introduce Estonian countryside.

WinterAcademy was founded by students from three main/biggest Estonian universities in 2003.
While organising team consists of approximately 20 students (incl students of Tartu University) with different background every year, the Council of Winteracademy is run by following student organisations:

Environmental Protection Students' Association of Eesti Maaülikool

Estonian Students Society for Environment Protection „Sorex"

Club of Sustainable Development in Tallinn University of Technology

Student Council of Mining Department in Tallinn University of Technology

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